A different approach to health, Thinking about helping YOU, and family.

A different approach to health, Thinking about helping YOU, and family.

Health for the Whole Family

Health for the Whole Family


Forget about me, think about YOU! & family

Let's be safe and continue with the healthy protocols for safety. You know what they are.

Work towards getting healthier and including your Family in this journey.   

Stay safe,

Dr. Jackie

A better way to be treated

Different; NO manipulation

Kids love it! Pets love it! We as Adults love it!

Atlas Orthogonal- No Twisting/Popping

Great for all ages.

About Us


Family care OF ALL AGES

Kids "love" to get adjusted. 

They ask Mom & Dad to come in.

Pets love it too.



By being proactive with;

Adjustments, nutrition, exercise, mental challenges, spiritual we have improved health, "overall."


What are you waiting for?

When problems are either "left alone" or covered up by "drugs" the rippling effect gets worse down the road.

We as our children and even our pets will compensate until we just can't take the pain/discomfort ANYMORE.

Let me show you what I do and how you can be healthier.

Why Pets

A Sneak Peek 

I love animals as much as I love Chiropractic.

Pets don't need to verbalize how they feel after an adjustment they show it in their actions. 

Actions speak louder than words!

Atlas Orthogonal

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